Original founder of Hair Zone 髮域(established in 1994), Ricky, and original founders of Salon De Chez Moi 雪夢(established in 1999), Johnny & Sue, have joined forces to form the new Salon De Chez Moi 髮域.  Our collaboration is located at 2 E Valley Blvd 1B-1C, Alhambra CA , 91801 , the location of the original Hair Zone 髮域.

Our partnership stems from our love of creating new hair trends and styling techniques.  And we share the same goal, to constantly improve the class of salon service. 

We believe that we can create an excellent business by providing a very special experience for our customers.  Stop on by to appreciate our trendy decorations & comfortable environment, while you experience our professional service & premium equipment.

Located in the center of Alhambra , we would like to share our passion with you.

Let our creative and highly trained hair salon professionals with expertise in all facets of hair revival welcome you with warm attentive service.

People @ Salon De Chez Moi 髮域

Ricky Liang

I loved drawing when I was a kid.  My parents would help me expand my imagination by encouraging me to be as artistic as I could be.  Over the years I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to bring together my drawing concepts into hair designs?”  I came to L.A. and began tohone my hair designing skills.  To continue to elevate my techniques, I began to take classes at the academies of Vidal Sassoon and Tony & Guy.

I believe that people continually want a better quality of life.  We want everything to get better.  We want to achieve all that we can, everyday, non stop. Hair designing is the same.  We (stylist) need to improve, develop new techniques, be forward thinkers to create new trends, and inspire beautiful and better images everyday.  I strive to bring out my clients’ best qualities and make them feel great about how they look.

Johnny Ho

When I was a kid growing up in Hong Kong, I was very interested in artistic things.  I enjoyed seeing architectural buildings and unique features on faces.  I realized how I could admire different concepts from different perspectives.

What now seems like a lifetime ago, I had the chance of meeting a respectable mentor.  He told me that I had the potential to be a great hair stylist.  He provided me with the opportunity to work in a famous hair salon, and thus boomed my hair styling passion. Years later, I arrived in the New York Harbor.  I thought to myself, “Alas, the Land of  Opportunity.”  From then on, I continued my hair revolution.

I started Salon De Chez Moi, ten years ago, with my wife Sue.  Just recently, we teamed with our new partner Ricky.  It’s been amazing because we work in unison upon improving customer service and styling techniques.

I believe that if you want to succeed, you need to work with passion that comes from the heart.  I would like to use my creativity to make everyone feel great about how they look.


Sue Chan

What can I say? . . .  I love my work.  In my 20 blissful years in the industry, I’ve been able to meet many interesting people and visit fun-filled locations.  I’ve been a hair stylist for beauty pageants:  Miss Chinatown, Super Model, Taiwan Show, and on movie sets.  I’ve learned from the best:  graduating from New York City’s Robert Fiance Beauty School and obtaining certificates from Toni & Guy and from Jingles Academy in London.

I am constantly motivated by new trends in the fashion world.  I love seeing creativity.  When I travel, I love watching people, absorbing different cultures, and experiencing lifestyles of their countries.

Both my goals and accomplishments are the same:  to impart my knowledge and experience to the next generation of eager hairstylists.  I teach people that being a great stylist goes beyond making them look good. You create art when it comes from the heart and soul.  With completeness and pride stemming from your creation, you will appreciate every moment behind the chair.

I would love to change this industry’s competitive stance.  Instead, we should all share our knowledge and provide views to one another.  We should pay homage to those who have given us the chance to make a difference and to those who have guided us through our mistakes and taught us how to avoid pitfalls.  We should repay them by passing their enlightenment to the next generation of artist. 


 Jenny Chia

I grew up in Taiwan .  When I was a kid, anything unique attracted me.  At a very young age, I started as my own stylist; I would do my own hair, choose my own clothes, and even designed a few funky outfits.

I joined the hair industry when I was 15 years old and I still love to cut hair.  When I design a professional hair style for my clients using techniques from Vidal Sassoon, my excitement translates into satisfaction and inspiration.  I love the feeling it gives me.

A belief close to my heart; a hair stylist needs to use his or her heart, professional opinions, and techniques to provide a special image for her clients.

Jacky Yan

I have been in the hair industry for 15 years, with 9 years as a hair stylist in China.  When I came to the United State in ’03, I had a chance to learn Vidal Sassoon techniques. I combined the techniques and my experiences to become the perfect stylist for my clients.

What inspires me as a hair stylist is the satisfaction I see when my clients are happy & beautiful after I cut their hair. My goal is to use my techniques to provide excellent services and results to my clients.


Frankie Chan

I’ve been in the hairdressing field for 6 yrs since completing Vidal Sassoon’s comprehensive hair cutting course.  The education led me to a higher perspective and professionalism, the understanding of the “Beauty of Nature” for hair design.

I am glad that ideas for hair develop constantly.  New hairstyles are always created. This sort of energy helps propel stylists forward.  I am often inspired by music, fashion, and individual characteristics.  They’re key elements in my hair designs.  In addition, the individual hair texture and the features of one’s head shape cooperate together to create a fun and unique hairstyle.

To me hairdressing is part of my being. Since I work with my clients everyday, we gradually build up relationships from our mutual expectation of perfecting their hair.  I enjoy my work as a hairstylist and I am dedicated to my profession.

 Tatsuya Ye

My styling obsession started when I was a kid.  I was influenced by many famous and trendy styles.  One of my obsessions was the Japanese culture.

I remember around ten years ago, I had just come to the United States.  I didn’t know any good hair stylists and I hadn’t taken care of my hair for a long time.  Finally, I found a Japanese hair salon that looked kind of fashionable.  I went in to get a specific hair cut I wanted, but at the end, I was very disappointed.  I promised that I would never repeat that experience again in my life.

I was surprised to find out that I shared this same experience with other friends that were also interested in Japanese fashions and styles.  We could not find any place to get a decent hair cut.  From that time, we tried to cut and style our own hairs for each other… but of course during that time we didn’t have any professional tools.

I remembered that I used a scissor that was intended for cutting paper.  Even without the professional training that I now have, I was able to successfully give hair cuts that my friends wanted.  Since then, I learned that I have a natural knack and passion to be a hairstylist.

Even with several years of experience, I continue to get insight from fashion magazines and the internet.  I use any inspiration that can help me to improve my fashion and hair trend sense.  In particular, Shibuya’s (gyaru) & (gyaruo) influenced me very much.  Also I studied & researched Ageha’s (mori-mori) style curly hair, which helps me a great deal today.

To get a professional hair style, you don’t need to go to the deeps of hell only to come back still heart broken.  You should trust your hair stylist’s hands and heart to complete your fantasy.  I am especially skilled at listening to each client's needs and fashioning a hairstyle that will fit their lifestyle.

 Phoebe Man

I was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Vidal Sassoon Academy.  I was a hair stylist assistant for 3 years.  I completed an additional Comprehensive Class at Vidal Sassoon Academy to further my styling education.  The course lasted six weeks.

My philosophy:  Hair is very important to everyone, it can express confidence.  Our hair is an extension of our self image and self esteem.

My goals and accomplishments:  To help people so that they have a better life.  My favorite part of being a stylist is the variety everyday brings; so whatever your needs are I look forward to meeting them!

As a professional hair stylist in the beauty industry, I would like to educate my clients on fashion and ongoing trends.  I believe that educating all of my guests on how to style and properly care for their new look is the most important part of my service.

Sammi Situ

Country of Birth:    China

After graduating high school, I attended California State Polytechnic University Pomona and Alhambra Beauty School , simultaneously.  I got my Cosmetology license in one and half a years.  Since then, I have been working as a part -time hairstylist for about 7 years.

Since I am a part-time hairstylist; my motivation purely comes from passion.  I enjoy the magical moment of finishing a good haircut for my clientele.  I believe that a good haircut can really help someone gain more confidence in their personal image.  Most importantly, being a hairstylist gives me the opportunity to use my sense of creativity.

My goal as a stylist is to continue to advance in my hair cutting skills and to build up more clientele.  Each haircut for me is a new challenge and experience.

As a professional in the Beauty Industry, I would suggest that salons should be more effective in ways of recycling used materials and saving electricity.  For example, using energy saving light bulbs could be the first step in following the go-green mindset.  I believe this change can help salons cut cost and at the same time make our society better.


Irene Sit

With 8 years of experience in the hair industry, I have a strong passion in making people beautiful and finding the most suitable hair style for each unique individual.

As a child, I have always been fascinated by hairstyles and its firm connection with beauty. A beautiful hairstyle can not only help to enhance and contour facial features but also brighten any given piece of clothing or accessory. To me, each hair style helps to portray a unique personality, a suitable hairstyle has the ability to make anyone beautiful and shining with confidence.

With my strong passion in making people beautiful and years of hands-on experience in the industry, in addition to skillful apprenticeship, I wish to be able to provide my clients with the ultimate satisfaction and confidence knowing that each hairstyle is designed, and cut according to their preferences. Enjoying the harmony that comes with the love I have towards the alluring art of hair design, I hope to share my experiences with as many people as I can.